Tour itineraries - Sri Lanka
Why our packages are so special!!!
Our tour packages are very special because our travel experts design them just for you, always taking every aspect of your requirements into consideration.

# Our tours are never a rush from one site to the next. We want our guests to observe, experience and enjoy and not just see things and places.

# Apart from the pre-arranged itineraries "Don Voyage" specializes in tailor-made tours designed to fulfill the desires and expectations of individuals or groups of any size.

# The itineraries created by "Don Voyage" are special and personal. They permit great freedom of choice to suit both your fancies and budget.

# Our flexibility in planning a tour and willingness to provide information without any delay always helps our guests to have a dream package at an affordable price.

# We pay careful attention to any special interests of the visitor and prepare tailor- made tours so that the purpose of visit is achieved to maximum.

# In the case of families, we take into consideration the ages of members and suggest hotels and appropriate stations in order to provide child-friendly stopovers and cut down on long drives. Special care is given to the needs of senior citizens.

# Our field staff are well qualified, experienced and courteous. You can relax and begin to enjoy your holiday from the moment "Don Voyage" takes charge of you at the Airport.

The vast range of itineraries offered by "Don Voyage" gives everyone the opportunity of picking a program of one’s choice or having one specially tailor made to suit one’s taste.

Some of our itineraries are focused on...

1) Buddhism
2) Nature and Wild Life
3) Adventure
4) Archeology
5) History
6) Culture
7) Heritage
8) Beach Holidays

The accommodations used on tours are selected by our guests from a list of all available star class hotels and guest-houses. "Don Voyage" can arrange accommodation at any requested hotel or Guest Houses.